Monday, April 3, 2017

Alfred East Paintings Geocoded

Alfred East (1849–1913) partings have a muted hazy quality, without bright sunshine nor vivid colors nor deep shadows.  The title of many of his works are not specific about their location; and in many of the works in which a place name is in the title, the image could in fact be any of a number of places.  But for the artist there was something about the feel of the place that could be matched to its name.
Only a handful of his works have a structure or landmark that would unlikely identify the location, and these works do not make that feature the focus of the piece; in all cases the atmosphere or feel of the place is the focus (though generally out of focus).

In 1907 he published  The Art of Landscape Painting in Oil Colour, a 193 page review of his approach to Grass, Skies, Trees, Reflection, etc, according to the chapter titles.

Kirkstall Abbey
By Alfred East

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